Charlotte to Host 2019 All-Star Game Due To The HB2 Act Getting Repealed

Charlotte to Host 2019 All-Star Game Due To The HB2 Act Getting Repealed


The news broke today that the 2019 NBA All-Star game will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina after the repeal of the hb2 act. This act previously required any persons in a government building to use the restroom that correlates with the gender listed on their birth certificate. Many saw the hb2 act as discriminatory towards people in the LGBT community and caused the NBA to move the 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte to New Orleans.

The act that repealed the bathroom rule of hb2, hb142, is not seen by many as a step forward towards helping to protect the rights of the LGBT community. This opinion is due to Section 3 of the act stating; no local governments may create ordinances that change the regulation of any private employment practices on public accommodations and Section 4 goes on to state that Section 3 is effective until December 1, 2020.

However, this tiny act does not come as a surprise due to Charlotte estimating their loss from the All-Star game switch to be $395 million. That loss caused the original backer of hb2 to lose re-election and the city to move quickly to make up for what was lost.

So essentially this one-page act was created just to meet the NBA’s demands for Charlotte to host another event, for which, The NBA and Adam Silver have decided is good enough. Silver stated today that “While we understand the concerns of those who say the repeal of HB2 did not go far enough, we believe the recent legislation eliminates the most egregious aspects of the prior law.” This move by the NBA can be seen as almost a “make-up call” for their “bait and switch” of the 2017 All-Star game and even Silver admits that the repeal did nothing more to protect members of the LGBT community.

No matter your opinion on the events that occurred in Charlotte, as of right now, we will be seeing the best of the best lace it up on a court in 2019. Who knows what will happen in the two years until the All-Star break of the 18’-19’ season but we can expect Charlotte to keep their end of the bargain and not take a step backward.

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High-speed chase through N. Charlotte ends in crash; 2 in custody

High-speed chase through N. Charlotte ends in crash; 2 in custody

CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) – A high-speed chase through north Charlotte ended in a two-vehicle crash Tuesday afternoon, police said. Two people have been taken into custody.

The driver led officers on a pursuit in a reported stolen vehicle, reaching speeds of nearly 70 mph, along Interstate-85. The vehicle eventually got off the interstate and traveled down neighborhood roads before crashing into another car in the 4600 block of North Tryon Street.

The driver of that car was treated for minor injuries on scene and released, police said.

The two people inside the stolen car were arrested following a brief foot chase by police and K-9 units.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, around 10:30 p.m. Monday, May 22 they responded to a reported robbery in the 2400 block of Dunlavin Way. The person who called 911 said he and two other people were approached by several suspects and robbed at gunpoint. His vehicle was also taken.

The next day, officers spotted the stolen vehicle around 3:30 p.m. near The Plaza and E. Sugar Creek Road. CMPD officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver refused and that’s when the high-speed chase began.

The identity of the two suspects and their charges will be released at a later time, police said.

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North Carolina’s Most Popular Baby Names For 2016 Are…

North Carolina’s Most Popular Baby Names For 2016 Are…

CHARLOTTE, NC — Emma and Noah have beaten out the competition once again to be crowned America’s most popular baby names, for the third year in a row.
For Noah — this marks the fourth year at the top — and for Emma, it’s the third straight year being number one.

The most popular baby names for 2016 were released by the Social Security Administration Friday. Among the top 10, the SSA says there is just once new addition, Elijah, the first time the name has reached the top 10.

For girl, the top 10 baby names in North Carolina for 2016 are:

Ava Emma Olivia Charlotte Harper Abigail Isabella Sophia Elizabeth Madison

For boys, the top 10 baby names in North Carolina for 2016 are:

William Noah Mason Liam Elijah James Benjamin Jackson Michael Grayson

How popular is your name? Click here to find out.

The SSA began compiling the list in 1997, with names dating back to 1880. The administration also notes how popular culture influences baby names. For 2016, the name Kehlani had the biggest jump in popularity and for boys, the name was Kylo.

The bump in popularity for Kehlani is likely to do with the popularity of the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Kehlani Parrish, according to the SSA. The bump for Kylo on the other hand likely has to do with the character in the 2015 movie, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

Feroze Dhanoa contributed to this report.

Image via Shutterstock

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Charlotte craft brewers take their fight to court

Charlotte craft brewers take their fight to court

In a bid to win in court what they lost in the General Assembly, two Charlotte craft brewers sued the state of North Carolina Monday, arguing that their annual production cap is unconstitutional.

Olde Mecklenburg and NoDa breweries claim the state’s annual production cap and franchise law stifle competition, “thereby harming consumers by artificially inflating prices and reducing consumer choice,” according to documents filed in Wake County Superior Court.

The Charlotte brewers have spearheaded the so-called Craft Freedom fight, a bid to raise the 25,000-barrel cap on production before craft brewers must enter a distribution contract with a wholesaler.

Former state Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, who helped draft the complaint, called it “one of most significant economic liberty cases we’ve seen in the state in a long time.”

Last month a bill that would have raised the cap was gutted, essentially killing the provision before a vote. John Marrino, owner of Olde Mecklenburg, called it “outrageous” and “backroom politics.”

“I’m not sure the General Assembly is the best avenue to ensure the success of the micro-brewery industry in North Carolina,” he said at the time.

The brewers’ bill was opposed by the N.C. Beer & Wine Wholesalers. Through its executives and political action committee, the wholesalers have given lawmakers nearly $1.5 million in political contributions in the last four years, according to Democracy North Carolina.

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New Report Says NC Transportation Funding Isn’t Keeping Up With Growth

New Report Says NC Transportation Funding Isn’t Keeping Up With Growth

CHARLOTTE, NC — A new report released by a national transportation group says North Carolina is not keeping up with growth when it comes to transportation funding.

The report released by TRIP shows that Charlotte drivers spend 40 hours a year and waste nearly 14-million gallons of gas sitting in traffic each year. It also says that 49% of major roads in Charlotte are in poor condition.

Over the next 10 years, the Department of Transportation will only have enough money to pay for 17% of the needed projects. Without additional money for project, the report says that road congestion will just get worse.

Officials say more money is needed to keep up with both current and future growth.

UNC Charlotte Nike Opening Recruiting Notebook

UNC Charlotte Nike Opening Recruiting Notebook

Don Callahan/Inside Carolina

UNC verbal commitment Payton Wilson earned an invitation to the Nike Opening with his performance during Sunday’s Charlotte Opening Regional.

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Charlotte Nike Opening Recruiting Notebook

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Suspect Sought In March Stabbings In Charlotte Hookah Bar

Suspect Sought In March Stabbings In Charlotte Hookah Bar

CHARLOTTE, NC — Charlotte police are circulating photographs of a suspect they say is responsible for stabbing five victims in March during a fight at a University-area hookah bar. The attack occurred Sunday, March 19 at the Red @ 28th hookah bar at 9539 Pinnacle Dr., when a fight inside the bar spilled out into the parking lot, where shots were fired. Two of the five victims had life threatening injuries, police said at the time.

CMPD is asking for the public’s help in identifying the man seen in the following frames of a surveillance camera. Do you know who he is?

Images provided by CMPD
The March 19 stabbings occurred at Red @ 28th hookah bar/ Image from Google Maps

Charlotte, NC 60 Second Forecast

Charlotte, NC 60 Second Forecast

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Building A Better Intranet 2-Day Workshop Scheduled In Charlotte, NC On May 17-18 By Success Accelerators

Building A Better Intranet 2-Day Workshop Scheduled In Charlotte, NC On May 17-18 By Success Accelerators

Success Accelerators announces Building a Better Intranet, a 2-day workshop, is scheduled for May 17-18 in Charlotte, NC. The workshop is for organizations implementing an intranet for the first time or interested in upgrading an intranet to achieve sustainable success.

Success Accelerators, the conference division of C5 Insight, Inc., will be conducting Building a Better Intranet May 17-18, 2017 on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The 2-day workshop is designed to learn how to take an intranet project from an initial idea or a desire to upgrade and then achieve sustainable success.

Participants in this interactive workshop will gain the tools and knowledge to:

• Avoid the most common mistakes being made by other organizations

• Design a winning intranet roadmap

• Balance scalability, flexibility, and usability as a user-centered design is implemented

• Go beyond user adoption and build a solid plan for sustained team engagement

• Create a digital workplace that encourages better lateral and vertical collaboration

Finding documents in archaic paper-based systems could be time consuming and frustrating – in today’s digital workplace it is even worse, with employees reporting that they spend an average of 20% of their time looking for information. Intranets can turn these trends around – but success requires people-centric planning and processes. Participants will hear from peers and expert speakers, participate in workshops, and leave with workbooks, tools, ideas, and new connections.

Geoff Ables, bestselling author and managing partner of C5 Insight, will deliver the keynote discussing how digital transformation is happening in every organization, but the results are often more negative than positive. He will elaborate on the situation in many organizations where in the past employees struggled to find ways to connect with each other, but today they are more likely struggling to find time when they can disconnect and get work done. Ables will describe the 5 megatrends that shape intranet success – or failure – and how to apply them.

Case studies will be presented by Cree and Horry Telephone Cooperative so attendees can learn first hand what it takes to work through planning a successful intranet project, cleansing outdated content, using an intranet to make a positive impact on corporate culture, migrate and organize the content in a new environment, and the governance strategy to keep the content clean moving forward.

Success Accelerators is the conference division of C5 Insight, Inc. Located on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, NC, Success Accelerators serves businesses around the world by providing educational conferences and content on business transformation, focused on improving how they engage with customers and employees. Executives in the roles of business leadership, marketing, information technology, sales, human resources, and customer care attend Success Accelerators’ conferences.

For more information about this workshop and other conferences offered by Success Accelerators, visit:

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Contact Person: Bill Kopatich
Phone: 704-625-0097
Country: United States

Charlotte NC Has Been In The News A Lot Lately

Charlotte NC Has Been In The News A Lot Lately

Charlotte NC has been in the news a lot lately the last two years. A large part of this has been because of a political feud between the mayor and city council and the legislature in the state capital of Raleigh.

The city tried passing a ‘bathroom bill’ covering protections for lesbian, gay, and transgender individuals. The city leadership is primarily Democrat in party affiliation and socially liberal. The state legislature is predominantly conservative Republicans who not only overruled that bill with their own, but added 8 other provisions to it banning local communities and even individuals from doing particular things.

That bill was known as HB2 and resulted in national backlash and even international condemnation. Many states started blocking their own employees from flying to North Carolina for business, many artists and entertainment shows boycotted the state, and the NCAA pulled many events from consideration. The NBA might have made the single most emphatic statement when it moved the All-Star Game.

The state political parties have since come to a compromise bill repealing HB2, and the NCAA has lifted its boycott. The NBA seems to be considering a return of the All-Star Game as well. Some liberal groups call it a ‘fake repeal’ but the economic fallout seems to be subsiding. This bodes well for Charlotte, given that it has been growing and booming as a city for many decades of growth.

Fortunately, this controversy was not what put Charlotte, NC, on the national map. That had more to do with attracting professional sports franchises like the Charlotte Hornets and the NFL Carolina Panthers who call Charlotte home. The city has swelled in size over the last three or four decades, and home prices are rising as a result of less room to develop left.