Charlotte Nc Has Been in the News a Lot Lately

Charlotte NC has been in the news a lot lately the last two years. A large part of this has been because of a political feud between the mayor and city council and the legislature in the state capital of Raleigh.

The city tried passing a ‘bathroom bill’ covering protections for lesbian, gay, and transgender individuals. The city leadership is primarily Democrat in party affiliation and socially liberal. The state legislature is predominantly conservative Republicans who not only overruled that bill with their own, but added 8 other provisions to it banning local communities and even individuals from doing particular things.

That bill was known as HB2 and resulted in national backlash and even international condemnation. Many states started blocking their own employees from flying to North Carolina for business, many artists and entertainment shows boycotted the state, and the NCAA pulled many events from consideration. The NBA might have made the single most emphatic statement when it moved the All-Star Game.

The state political parties have since come to a compromise bill repealing HB2, and the NCAA has lifted its boycott. The NBA seems to be considering a return of the All-Star Game as well. Some liberal groups call it a ‘fake repeal’ but the economic fallout seems to be subsiding. This bodes well for Charlotte, given that it has been growing and booming as a city for many decades of growth.

Fortunately, this controversy was not what put Charlotte, NC, on the national map. That had more to do with attracting professional sports franchises like the Charlotte Hornets and the NFL Carolina Panthers who call Charlotte home. The city has swelled in size over the last three or four decades, and home prices are rising as a result of less room to develop left.