The Creepy Small Town Near Charlotte With Insane Paranormal Activity

Henry River Mill Village is an abandoned little town in Hildebran, North Carolina just about an hour west of Charlotte and it’s totally creepy. A true ghost town, some people have reported paranormal experiences when visiting – especially at night. Accessible via I-40 and Henry River Road, an evening drive through this town is sure to give anyone a fright this October.

Steve Goodwin/FlickrIn the early 20th century, the town thrived as it was centered around the Henry River Manufacturing Company. The company saw real boom times manufacturing cotton yarn.
During this time, approximately 30 to 40 workers’ cottages were built surrounding the mill.B S./Yelp
As years went by and technology advancements were made in the U.S., milling and manufacturing became less of an industry.B S./Yelp
B S./YelpUnkempt and crumbling, the buildings of the town cast a foreboding eeriness on people who visit there.
Various stories have been told about how former mill workers who have passed away haunt the town.B S./Yelp
Another common story heard from visitors is that late at night you can hear the sound of men’s voices talking throughout the town.B S./Yelp
B S./YelpFlaking paint on the walls and fallen ceiling beams make the buildings ominous and even unsafe.
This town is so chilling, it actually made the great backdrop for a popular science fiction film.B S./Yelp
In the movie, District 12 was a desolate coal mining town which is the home to many poor residents.Tony Kelley Photography/Flickr
B S./YelpMany Hunger Games fans visit frequently. Nearly all those who visit in the night experience the same ghostly phenomenons that have been reported by others.

Have you experienced any paranormal interactions lately? Tell us your story in the comments, we promise we won’t be spooked!

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