Weekend Disputes Turn into Deadly Shootings in Charlotte, Police Say

CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) – In less than 24 hours two people were shot and killed in the Queen City. CMPD has made one arrest and officers said they are close to making another.

The first shooting happened Sunday afternoon in northeast Charlotte, hours later and less than five minutes away, the second shooting took another life. Police believe the victims and suspects knew each other in both incidents and what started as a dispute turned deadly.

Officers rushed to the 3500 block of Spring Terrace Lane in northeast Charlotte just before 1:00 a.m. Monday. Police found the victim, William Weddington, 24, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

He later died at Carolinas Medical Center.

Officers identified Maurice Grant as a person of interest at the scene, he was taken to the hospital for a minor injury, when he was released he agreed to speak with police at CMPD Headquarters. He was arrested and charged with Weddington’s murder.

“I hope people can get together and love one another and try to solve this homicide rate in Charlotte because it’s off the hinge,” said Wayne Carey, he recalled welcoming Weddington to the neighborhood a few months ago when he moved in.

CMPD believes Weddington and another person were having a domestic dispute when Grant shot him. “Oh it’s too frequent there’s no question. We have unfortunately, a lot of people that resort to violence when they feel disrespected and, you know, when most time people can talk it out and it’s a shame that it’s that way but it is and police have to deal with it, said Major Vorhees.”

Sunday afternoon Lucas Baldwin was shot and killed at Tanglewood Apartments on Wynbrook Way. Police believe they know who pulled the trigger but so far, no arrest has been made.

“I believe they did know each other. It doesn’t appear to be a random event but a dispute that turned violent,” said Major Vorhees.

James Knotts lives in Tanglewood Apartments and said, ”Guns don’t kill people, it’s the people with the guns that kill people and that’s what we try to teach the kids over here. It’s always another way it’s always a second way out. It’s always another way another decision that can be made, let’s not always go with the first decision we make.”

Neighbors in Tanglewood said, they live in a tight knit community and the deadly shooting takes away from what they teach the children that live there.

“Again, its people resolving disputes with violence and it’s unfortunate. I’ve said it we can’t, there’s a lot of variability with homicides. A lot of times things happen that you think results in one but it don’t. We can’t prevent all of them but we can solve them and I’m pretty confident that we can solve this one.”

Lucas Baldwin’s family told FOX 46 they just want people to put the guns down. In the meantime, anyone with information on these shootings is asked to call Crimestoppers. The shootings remain under investigation.

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