Good Hunting Tips When Looking For An Affordable Apartment

Good Hunting Tips When Looking For An Affordable Apartment

It may be a daunting task to find an affordable apartment in Charlotte. Today’s real-estate market is really a tight one and the apartment finders looking for affordable units are often outbid by the prospective tenants having the check in their hands. One can also get to know about the unbelievable deals just through word-of-mouth pertaining to the apartments that are centrally-placed. So, how to go about your search exactly? Here are some of the tips for you to try out and get the apartment you are long looking for.

Here is how to find a good apartment in Charlotte that is affordable, yes the classified ads. It is another commonly used method that is often utilized by the recent movers. Look for the most popular newspaper as they are more likely feature such advertisements.

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Building A Better Intranet 2-Day Workshop Scheduled In Charlotte, NC On May 17-18 By Success Accelerators

Building A Better Intranet 2-Day Workshop Scheduled In Charlotte, NC On May 17-18 By Success Accelerators

Success Accelerators announces Building a Better Intranet, a 2-day workshop, is scheduled for May 17-18 in Charlotte, NC. The workshop is for organizations implementing an intranet for the first time or interested in upgrading an intranet to achieve sustainable success.

Success Accelerators, the conference division of C5 Insight, Inc., will be conducting Building a Better Intranet May 17-18, 2017 on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The 2-day workshop is designed to learn how to take an intranet project from an initial idea or a desire to upgrade and then achieve sustainable success.

Participants in this interactive workshop will gain the tools and knowledge to:

• Avoid the most common mistakes being made by other organizations

• Design a winning intranet roadmap

• Balance scalability, flexibility, and usability as a user-centered design is implemented

• Go beyond user adoption and build a solid plan for sustained team engagement

• Create a digital workplace that encourages better lateral and vertical collaboration

Finding documents in archaic paper-based systems could be time consuming and frustrating – in today’s digital workplace it is even worse, with employees reporting that they spend an average of 20% of their time looking for information. Intranets can turn these trends around – but success requires people-centric planning and processes. Participants will hear from peers and expert speakers, participate in workshops, and leave with workbooks, tools, ideas, and new connections.

Geoff Ables, bestselling author and managing partner of C5 Insight, will deliver the keynote discussing how digital transformation is happening in every organization, but the results are often more negative than positive. He will elaborate on the situation in many organizations where in the past employees struggled to find ways to connect with each other, but today they are more likely struggling to find time when they can disconnect and get work done. Ables will describe the 5 megatrends that shape intranet success – or failure – and how to apply them.

Case studies will be presented by Cree and Horry Telephone Cooperative so attendees can learn first hand what it takes to work through planning a successful intranet project, cleansing outdated content, using an intranet to make a positive impact on corporate culture, migrate and organize the content in a new environment, and the governance strategy to keep the content clean moving forward.

Success Accelerators is the conference division of C5 Insight, Inc. Located on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, NC, Success Accelerators serves businesses around the world by providing educational conferences and content on business transformation, focused on improving how they engage with customers and employees. Executives in the roles of business leadership, marketing, information technology, sales, human resources, and customer care attend Success Accelerators’ conferences.

For more information about this workshop and other conferences offered by Success Accelerators, visit:

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Charlotte NC Has Been In The News A Lot Lately

Charlotte NC Has Been In The News A Lot Lately

Charlotte NC has been in the news a lot lately the last two years. A large part of this has been because of a political feud between the mayor and city council and the legislature in the state capital of Raleigh.

The city tried passing a ‘bathroom bill’ covering protections for lesbian, gay, and transgender individuals. The city leadership is primarily Democrat in party affiliation and socially liberal. The state legislature is predominantly conservative Republicans who not only overruled that bill with their own, but added 8 other provisions to it banning local communities and even individuals from doing particular things.

That bill was known as HB2 and resulted in national backlash and even international condemnation. Many states started blocking their own employees from flying to North Carolina for business, many artists and entertainment shows boycotted the state, and the NCAA pulled many events from consideration. The NBA might have made the single most emphatic statement when it moved the All-Star Game.

The state political parties have since come to a compromise bill repealing HB2, and the NCAA has lifted its boycott. The NBA seems to be considering a return of the All-Star Game as well. Some liberal groups call it a ‘fake repeal’ but the economic fallout seems to be subsiding. This bodes well for Charlotte, given that it has been growing and booming as a city for many decades of growth.

Fortunately, this controversy was not what put Charlotte, NC, on the national map. That had more to do with attracting professional sports franchises like the Charlotte Hornets and the NFL Carolina Panthers who call Charlotte home. The city has swelled in size over the last three or four decades, and home prices are rising as a result of less room to develop left.

Charlotte, NC 60 Second Forecast

Charlotte, NC 60 Second Forecast

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NC Lawmakers Seek To Invalidate Same Sex Marriage Through New Law

NC Lawmakers Seek To Invalidate Same Sex Marriage Through New Law

NC Lawmakers Seek To Invalidate Same Sex Marriage Through New Law

CHARLOTTE, NC — Three GOP lawmakers are seeking to nullify a 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, making same-sex unions a thing of the past. The move comes Tuesday, less than two weeks after state lawmakers narrowly repealed the contentious and discriminatory HB2 “bathroom bill” that prompted widespread economic hemorrhaging throughout the state.

NC Reps Larry Pittman of Concord, Michael Speciale of New Bern and Carl Ford of Rowan County sponsored April 11 the “Uphold Historical Marriage Act,” which would force the state to enforce a 2012 voter referendum that bans same sex marriage.

“Marriages, whether created by common law, contracted, or performed outside of North Carolina, between individuals of the same gender are not valid in North Carolina,” the bill reads.

“Marriage equality is the law of the land in North Carolina and the entire nation, no matter what half-baked legal theories anti-LGBT lawmakers try to put forward,” said ACLU-NC Policy Director Sarah Gillooly. “This bill is absurd, unconstitutional and further proof that some North Carolina legislators remain committed to discriminating against LGBT people and their families. North Carolina lawmakers cannot defy the U.S. Supreme Court based on their extreme personal views.

“Republicans in the General Assembly seem to have a special talent for embarrassing themselves and our state, said North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin.

In the state where citizens have grown weary with political action meant to codify discrimination, the Tweetstorm has been stirred up:

Stay tuned, this is a developing story.

United: “man, we are simply getting hammered. Not sure anyone can top this screwup” NC GOP House: “Hold my beer”— Dr. Michael Bitzer (@BowTiePolitics) April 11, 2017

Ridiculous bill filed at #ncga to make same-sex marriage void won’t pass, is discriminatory, and would be unconstitutional. #ncpol— Equality NC (@equalitync) April 11, 2017

DOT Hires Firm To Review I-77 Toll Lanes Contract

DOT Hires Firm To Review I-77 Toll Lanes Contract

NCDOT has hired an outside firm to review its $650 million contract to build toll lanes on I-77 north of Charlotte. At the same time, DOT also is asking the public for feedback on the project.

The DOT will pay Mercator Advisors $100,000 to scrutinize the contract with Spanish construction giant Cintra, which was signed in 2014. 

The state’s new transportation secretary, Jim Trogdon, promised the review in a meeting last month with local officials at the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization, or CRTPO.  

“Secretary Trogdon is keeping that pledge by having this company take another look at it and do an in-depth review of the contract. Probably later this summer we expect to see a final report,” she said.

Thompson said the DOT also is asking for public comments on the project. Those can submitted through the DOT’s I-77 Express Lanes website.

The DOT says it chose Mercator over six other firms because of its independence and experience. (Others were PFM, BDO, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and Macquarie.) Mercator advises transportation officials on financing big construction projects and hasn’t been involved in the I-77 contract. 

But the company has worked with Cintra in the past. Thompson said it was on a toll project in Texas.

“That was within the past 10 to 12 years and the only involvement that they did have on that particular project was regarding the federal loan application, a very small part of the project,” she said.

Still, opponents of the toll lanes are uncomfortable with the choice. Kurt Naas leads the anti-toll group Widen I-77, which has sued NCDOT to stop the toll lanes.

“They are in the business of advising public-private partnerships like the ones that are on the I-77 toll lanes,” Naas said. “And what we were hoping for was not an advocate of this type of business model, but a skeptic. We think that’s who should be reviewing this.”

It’s not clear what will happen if the review finds problems with the contract. The DOT’s Thompson said it’s too early to say without knowing what the review finds. 

Meanwhile, NCDOT also is in the midst of another review – taking a look at complaints about a high number of wrecks in the I-77 work zone. A report could come this week.


I-77 Express Lanes website for feedback. Click on the yellow “Let Us Know” button.

Authors Of 'Jacob's New Dress' Weigh In On CMS Decision To Pull Book

Authors Of 'Jacob's New Dress' Weigh In On CMS Decision To Pull Book

Last week almost to the day of the one year anniversary of House Bill 2, a children’s book made some news. “Jacob’s New Dress” was initially picked to be a part of first graders’ reading selection in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.  But it was pulled after a teacher reportedly complained. Superintendent Ann Clark issued a vague statement citing “concerns” about the book.

What those concerns are exactly, depends on who you ask. The book’s main character is Jacob, a young boy who likes to wear dresses. The book explores how he navigates being picked on in school for doing so. Sarah and Ian Hoffman are the coauthors of the book; they live in California. WFAE’s Sarah Delia spoke to them about the decision to remove the book.

For married couple Sarah and Ian Hoffman, writing about a gender non-conforming child wasn’t hard. When their 14-year-old son Sam was little, he wanted to play dress up with traditionally feminine things: pink sneakers or a princess outfit. In talking to other parents with gender non-conforming kids, the Hoffmans felt like there needed to be more resources for families.

“We envisioned Jacob’s New Dress as a way to support families like ours and boys like Sam,” Sarah said. “Because for a kid that is different, it’s really powerful to see yourself in print.”

The Hoffmans—not their real names by the way, everyone in the family has a pseudonym for safety and privacy reasons—were somewhat caught off guard that the book was pulled.

“Surprised by the timing of it,” Ian said. “This book has been out for a few years and so suddenly we are in the news which we wouldn’t have expected. Surprised that a school district pulled it? Not particularly.”

The couple said a similar situation happened years ago in Lancaster, PA. It wasn’t pulled; it was read in a kindergarten classroom.  Parents were mad they didn’t have a notice and it became a controversy.

“The idea that a book can turn a child gay or transgender or anything else is confusing to us. If a white kid reads a book about Martin Luther King Jr., is that kid going to become black? This book is about a boy who wears a dress and we think it will resonate with other little boys and girls who are different,” Sarah Hoffman said.

Ian added: “We understand this is a new thing for a lot of the world.”

For the record, the couple doesn’t have any negative feelings towards North Carolina. 

“You know we’re not part of your community so we don’t understand what the pressures are,” Ian said. “We understand there’s a lot of division going on, but we can’t comment on that since we don’t live there.”

Sarah added that many in North Carolina have reached out to the couple in the last week with words of encouragement and support. 

The publicity generated by the controversy last week has helped sales. Typically they sell 20-30 copies on Amazon in a week. They sold 218 copies last week on Amazon.

Carolina Theatre/Hotel Project To Break Ground In May

Carolina Theatre/Hotel Project To Break Ground In May

The long-awaited renovation of the Carolina Theatre in uptown Charlotte is scheduled to begin in May. That’s according to the Foundation for the Carolinas, which owns the property. The foundation also announced Tuesday it has investors lined up for a luxury hotel to be built above the theater.

The old theater at North Tryon and Sixth streets opened in 1927, hosting Vaudeville shows, films and Elvis Pressley before falling into disrepair and shutting down in the 1970s.

“In two short months, this ugly duckling of today will begin its transformation to this swan of tomorrow,” foundation CEO Michael Marsicano said at Tuesday’s annual meeting at Charlotte Convention Center.

Marsicano compared the $44 million restoration to those at other historic theaters around the country, like The Palace in Cleveland and the Altria Theater in Richmond.

The foundation is leading redevelopment after buying the property from the City of Charlotte for $1 in 2013. Marsicano said they’ve already raised about $42 million toward the project.  The theater is next door to the foundation’s North Tryon Street headquarters. 

The theater is only part of the project. Marsicano says the foundation is close to a deal with a lead investor to help pay for a 252-room luxury hotel on top of the theater.

Marsicano says an Australian company called SB&G will own the hotel, to be called the InterContinental. Another partner, Valor Hospitality Partners, will operate it.

The hotel could cost about $60 million, putting the whole project at more than $100 million, according to the foundation’s Laura Smith. She said the 950-seat theater and hotel are expected to open in 2019.

It would be among many new developments in the North Tryon Street corridor in the coming years, as part of the North Tryon Vision Plan. The foundation has helped lead a community effort to plot the future of the corridor.  

The foundation also announced a financial milestone: topping $2 billion of assets. That’s doubled since 2012, thanks to growth in the foundation’s investments and new contributions to the charitable funds it manages.

“It took the foundation 18 years to grow from $3,000 in assets in 1958 to $1 million by 1976, and then another 36 years to hit the $1 billion mark in 2012,” Marsicano said. “We quickly set our sights on the next billion, never expecting it would happen overnight.”

But it happened in only four years, he said.

Meanwhile, Marsicano also reported on the main mission of the foundation – grantmaking.

In 2016, the foundation handed out more than 1,700 grants totaling $312 million. Those went to a range of causes, including disaster relief, education and human services.

He also said that during the past year, the foundation reduced fees for clients and expanded investment options.


March 28, 2017,, Foundation announcement of 2016 financial results

Borum's Attorney Calls Shooting Death Of Justin Carr An Accident

Borum's Attorney Calls Shooting Death Of Justin Carr An Accident

The attorney for Raquan Borum and prosecutors agree on one thing: Borum shot and killed Justin Carr last September during protests in uptown. But they disagree on why. Borum’s attorney says it was an accident.

WFAE’s Lisa Worf reported on Borum’s bond hearing Thursday with Mark Rumsey during All Things Considered. Here’s a transcript of that segment:

MR: Lisa, why do both sides agree Borum shot Carr?

LW: Well, prosecutors have said before that Borum confessed to police right after the shooting, but today was the first time we heard his attorney say that. Borum’s attorney Terry Sherrill says it appears there was only one shot fired and Borum’s gun was, in fact, discharged. Prosecutors also point to videos from traffic cameras, businesses, and media that they say indicate Borum was the one who shot Carr.

MR: Is there any evidence that indicates this could be an accident?  

LW: This came out in a bond hearing today, so it wasn’t a trial situation. Sherrill’s argument was that Borum was overwhelmed by the moment, drew his gun….and, yes, shot. He said maybe it was negligence, an accident, but he didn’t intend to kill anyone. Here’s Sherrill speaking after the bond hearing:

“We have someone that says he noticed that after he heard the shot and he looked and he saw Borum,that he had an appearance of shock on his face, as if he hadn’t intended it to go off.”

LW: He said Borum should be charged with manslaughter, not first degree murder.  

MR:  Now, there have been lots of co­nspiracy theories voiced that police shot Justin Carr. Will this do anything to put those to rest?

LW: People with a group called Charlotte Uprising have made those claims. I checked in with Ashley Williams from there and she says she still doesn’t believe that Borum shot Carr, that it was police.

MR: So what happens now?

LW: The court has set a date for what’s called a plea conference. That’s May 18. The DA could decide by then what they want Borum to plead guilty to and then he and his attorney will have to decide whether to take it or not.

Charlotte High Schooler Facing Deportation Enters Plea Deal For Criminal Charges

Charlotte High Schooler Facing Deportation Enters Plea Deal For Criminal Charges

It’s not often that we cover stories involving the theft of less than $3,000, but the case of 18-year-old Gus Zamudio is different because it involves immigration.

Zambudio had been living in Charlotte under the DACA program, which is for immigrants who arrived in the country as children. His arrest on a felony charge last month prompted immigration officials to initiate deportation proceedings to Mexico as part of a new Trump administration policy. The previous policy had been to wait until conviction.

Zamudio pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor. His lawyers hope the plea-bargain aides his deportation case. 

Gus Zamudio wasn’t in court on Tuesday, but he had a pretty good excuse. He’s currently being held in a detention center in Lumpkin, Georgia. He’s been there for about a month.

Both sides recognized there was evidence that showed Zamudio took money from Harris Teeter from a self-checkout register. Prosecutors referred to video footage that was not shown in court.

Zamudio’s mother listened intently. She later spoke through an interpreter and said she still couldn’t believe her son took the money.

Zamudio’s lawyers presented the judge with several letters from friends and family speaking to his character.  They also pointed out that restitution to Harris Teeter has been paid.

Judge Alicia Brooks granted Zamudio a Prayer for Judgment. In legalese this basically means although Zamudio entered a guilty plea, the judge won’t issue a punishment.

Following the hearing, Rob Heroy, an attorney for Zamudio, told reporters he believed the lesser misdemeanor charge might give Zamudio a chance to make bond in Georgia.

“It’s no longer a felony, it’s a misdemeanor and a

Prayer for Judgment,” Heroy said, “I think that’s different than someone who has a felony charge against them. Ultimately, that’s a question for the judges down in Georgia.”

The next step is for this new information to be passed along to his immigration attorneys so they can use it for his next immigration hearing, although it’s not clear when that will be. 

The Best Time Of Year To Visit Charlotte, NC

The Best Time Of Year To Visit Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina is a charming city with a lot of interesting things to do. If you are thinking of taking a trip to this part of the country, it is best to research the climate a little bit so that you know what time of year to visit.

Typically, spring is considered the best time of year to visit this part of North Carolina. Springtime temperatures are usually quite comfortable, hovering in the 60 to 70° range. Additionally, many of the trees are in bloom, creating a beautiful setting for your trip.

Summer is also nice, although it can get quite hot. Keep in mind, North Carolina has relatively high humidity levels. Because of that, summer days can be quite uncomfortable if the temperatures rise too much. If you are planning on visiting during the summer, you should bring shorts, tank tops, and other lightweight clothing. Don’t forget to throw in a bathing suit as well so that you can cool off with a swim anytime you get overheated.

Hurricane season runs from June through November, typically peaking during August and September. Unless you want to take a chance of having your travel plans canceled, you should generally avoid planning your trip during the worst of these months.

Compared to other parts of the country, winter temperatures in Charlotte are relatively mild. However, they still can be quite chilly, often hovering around the 40° mark. Unless you enjoy cool weather, you would be far better off visiting during the spring.

Springtime is generally considered the best time of year to visit Charlotte, North Carolina. During the spring, temperatures are warm and comfortable, meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting overheated or getting too cold. Because the trees and flowers are in bloom during the spring, it is also an incredibly beautiful time to visit.